Poll Time! Let Me Know What You Think!

Alright guys, it’s poll time! If you’re reading this right now, please take the time to answer the two polls below. It only takes a few minutes, and I need an answer to Poll 1 before I can even start the next chapter. Please and thank you!

The first thing I want to ask you is “How interactive do you want this blog to be?” So in other words, do you like answering polls like this? Guessing traits? Having a say in where the story goes? Or would you rather not bother with things like this? Answer the poll, please! All feedback is appreciated. Feel free to use the comment section below if you have anything specific to say, or would like to add anything. Thanks!

The second thing I would like to ask is “Do you like the layout of this blog?” Do you like the way everything looks? Is it easy to navigate? Can you find everything okay? Does anything look bad to you? Do you like the colors? How does the banner and the background look? This is a more specific question, so please comment if you have any suggestions or feedback for me. Thanks again! 🙂

19 thoughts on “Poll Time! Let Me Know What You Think!

  1. In regards to the layout: I find all the pictures of the founder a bit distracting. Having a plain background sounds a bit boring, but it’d give you the chance to really spruce up the blog, itself, with lots and lots of pretty pictures without it all kind of blending together or looking a bit clumsy. Other than that everyone looks pretty good.

  2. Hey, I just wanna let you know that I just saw you posted a new chapter, and am going to check it out right now! Meanwhile, I also answered the polls. For interactivity, I voted that yes, I like it a lot, but only in some cases. For heir votes I do like voting (unless something in the story requires one heir), and sometimes for decisions I like to vote. Maybe one or two major decisions (other than heirs) we can vote on each generation. This way, it doesn’t become one of those “choose your own adventure” legacies, which although I really enjoy those, I don’t think it really fits with your story. Also (spoiler) I plan on one generation of my legacy challenge to be like that as the “generation-only” challenge. If only I could get my game to run for more than 30 minutes without crashing (stupid TS3 Seasons Mac!)

    • Thanks so much for answering! 1 or 2 big decisions besides the heir vote sounds good. What do you think about guessing traits and things like that? Fun, or pointless? Sorry, I just have a few ideas for the next chapter but I’m not sure if they’ll go over well or not. 🙂 Do you think a vote on who the heir should marry would be a good thing to vote on, or not? Don’t be afraid to be harsh! haha. Thanks so much for taking the time to read my legacy and answer my questions, I really appreciate it. Your feedback and thoughts mean a lot to me. I can’t wait for more of your chapters! …And yes, crashing can be very irritating in the Sims. 😦

      • Okay, I just wrote one really long reply and it got deleted 😦 Then I wrote another and it got deleted before being posted again :(!
        1) I think trait guessing is really fun, but not needed for a poll
        2)I think marriage should be left to the story unless it is a really gray rather than black-and-white decision, in which case you may or may not want to leave that up to a poll
        One (off-topic) thing I want to warn you to not do is make completely evil or good characters. That is like my #1 pet peeve, I hate it when villains are totally evil or good guys are completely good. You actually did a really great job balancing out the dad and for all the other characters.
        One trait guess- is Josh charismatic? I think the pose in the background is the charismatic pose… or maybe the flirty/hopeless romantic one.
        Anyways, I’ve got a chapter of yours I’m really excited to read 😀 (I’ve spent all this time writing a comment which keeps getting deleted so I haven’t been able to read it yet… ugh, WordPress is really bothering me right now haha :p)

      • Hahaha! I HATE when that happens! I normal copy my comment before pressing the post button, just in case. Yeah, I’m not going to do a poll for trait guessing, just wondering if you liked it or not. 🙂 I’m thinking about doing something similar in the next chapter. Most of the time I find future spouses for my sims when they’re in high-school, so they normally only have 2 or 3 options. But I’m so bad with decisions, I have a such a hard time choosing which one I want sometimes! At times, your sim will show a clear interest in one over the other, but when that doesn’t happen I’m at a loss haha. So that’s why I was thinking poll’s for that. Plus, the spouse would be a big part of the story as well, so it is kind of a “big decision.” And yes, everyone in real life has their good and bad sides, so characters need both too. I’ll do my best to keep them balanced. 🙂 Yes! He is charasmatic. Good guess, haha. Alright, go read! 🙂

  3. Hi there! I just started reading, but I voted the middle vote in all cases. I don’t particularly mind how interactive or uninteractive things are, really, I think it’s more important to have the author interact in comments than anything which you’ve clearly got mastered. ^_^

    I will say that one of my favorite legacies of all time, The Creeper Legacy, did something interesting. They allowed the readers to create the founder of their new legacy from scratch, by voting for all the possibly options, narrowing things down, etc. I started reading a long time after those votes were held but it seemed interesting. I’m not sure if that’s what you meant, but that sort of thing could be cool so long as it’s not overdone.

    As far as the layout, it’s kind of campy/low-tech, but the face/half nakedness of this guy plastered all over the background has a real charm and makes me giggle. But maybe it’s just me. XD

    • Josh is a really goofy guy, (despite these first two chapters being really serious!) and I wanted to kind of get that feeling across with the background. Looks like I did my job! 🙂 But I’ll probably change it pretty soon, anyway. Though I don’t think my blog will ever look really professional or high-tech. That does sound really interesting! This is a blog where I’m planning to post multiple stories, so maybe I’ll do something similar in one of those. However, I was really asking about decisions such as the heir vote, voting on who the heir will marry (which girl/guy you like better), and also just smaller non-poll things. For example, I let people guess Josh’s traits instead of just telling them to you. I was planning to do something similar in future chapters, if people liked that kind of thing. I’m so glad you voted! The first poll was stuck in a tie before you. And yes, I think I get carried away in comments sometimes (like now…:) Anyway though, I really appreciate all of your feeback, and I hope your liking my legacy!

      • Ahh I see. Well I guess I will say personally I never like it when readers make decisions about what a Sim /does/ after they’re created, but that’s probably just a personal preference. Usually the writer can come up with the best solution. ^^

        Glad to have broken the tie, and yup, loving it so far. Thanks for the response! =)

  4. I’m really enjoying your story! As far as the way your story is navigated I am extremely pleased. I found the ‘extra pages’ easily by your instructions, and like that it’s so easy to find the next installment or even to find the beginning.- Not all stories are set up that way! As for the polls & such- I like heir polls & even a fun event such as guessing traits would be interesting. The only time I would want to give input on how a story should go would be if there was a problem such as writer’s block or a special occasion. I prefer the author’s perspective in their story. -And that’s my 2 cents worth! lol

    • Thank you very much! 🙂 I always get frustrated when I can’t find the chapter I’m looking for on other legacies, so i did my best to make it easy for my readers. Thanks for reading and commenting! I love reader feedback. 🙂

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