Family Tree’s

A few notes about my Family Tree’s.

  • I won’t be updated pictures after the age of young adult, so each member of the family will be remembered at their “prime” age.
  • Most information about each sim can be found here. Including how they came to be (born in-game, pre-made, CAS), favorites, traits, and much more.
  • I will only update traits for sims if they are no longer a main part of the story. Until then, guess away!
  • The family tree’s are interactive, so you can click on each sim to learn more about them.
  • If you’re not caught up in the story, the family tree may contain some spoilers. Beware!
  • You’ll find birth dates on the family trees. I use Sims 3 Seasons as a time-keeper. There are 7 days in each season. So Summer 2nd would be the 2nd day of summer, out of 7.
  • Click on the name of each family to go to their family tree.

The Bolden Family Tree


4 thoughts on “Family Tree’s

  1. Awwww, Michael had such cute traits… makes me more said he passed away :(! And I can’t wait to guess more and more of Josh’s traits as the chapters continue.

    • I know! I didn’t pick his traits either, they were randomized. Maybe I’ll use him in some future story I do, just because he was so awesome(;

      His traits aren’t TOO hard to guess…Do you have any ideas, yet? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yep, you got it! ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t think the rest of his traits will be toooo hard to guess. But I’ll be randomizing traits for gen 2, so that might get a little crazy!

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