What Other PC Games Do You Play?

Hey everyone! Sorry I STILLLL haven’t posted the next chapter of the Bolden’s yet. Especially after that stupid computer thing. I’m not going to bore you with a lot of details, but I’ll tell you a little of what’s been going on lately. (Yes, I’ve got my excuses ready;) Basically, I’ve been having some health-problems. The doctors are trying to figure out what’s causing it, and I’ve been in and out of the doctors for tests and check-ups all month long. Anyway, until I’m feeling a little better, updates are going to be a little slow. I ensure you though, I am working on it!


To pass the time until the next update comes, here’s a little activity thinggy for all you readers out there!

What PC Games Do YOU Play? (Other than Sims, of course!)

And when I say PC, I mean “Personal Computer.” I’m not excluding Macs! Any computer game that you have to download, not internet mini games. Answer in the comment section below!


Brace yourselves! I’m going to let you in on my inner-nerd. Okay, inner and outer nerd. I used to play World of Warcraft, and I’ve tried both Star craft and Star Wars the Old Republic. What? I told you to brace yourselves. I stopped playing all of them awhile ago though, mostly because of lack of people to play with. I’m pretty busy with my blogs and school work now anyway, so it’s only Sims for me at the moment. 🙂

If you play any multi-player or social games, feel free to leave your information (User name, character name, whatever!) in the comments. Actually, please do! You might be surprised at how many people play the same games as you, and you might just make a really good friend. This includes The Sims 3, you can leave your forum name here!

You’re also welcome to leave a link to your blog here. But ONLY if you answer the question above. This isn’t free advertising!

If you really want to, you can even leave your e-mail or other contact information. No, I’m not trying to be a creeper. Just trying to let people get to know each other! I know I’d like to get to know a lot of my readers, and you can get to know each other as well. We can make a small little community here.:)

And lastly, if you have any questions for me, ask away! They can be personal, about the blog, or just anything you can think of. Ask lots of questions for me! Why? Because answering questions is something I can do easily, and it makes me feel like I’m not neglecting my blog. Plus, as I said before, I’d love to get to know you guys! Ask ask ask!

PS: This post was mostly me rambling. Sorry about that! Have a good day, everyone! Love you guys!<3


Mercedes Monroe – A Short Sim Story

***Authors Note!*** Again, this story wasn’t written for the Sims. So some of the staging will be off. BUT luckily, this is the last short story you’ll have to suffer through! Because my computer is on it’s way home, and should be here any day now. Woo!


A young lady clothed in an expensive red dress sat in the office, her legs crossed. Her sleek orange hair was perfectly curled and pulled to the side, giving her an attractive but professional look. She was getting impatient. She hadn’t been waiting long, but it was getting late and she was ready to go home. She began shaking her foot, letting her high red heel slip on and off of her pedicured toes.


Footsteps came up to the door behind her. A black haired, dark man walked in. The girl turned her head slightly, letting her cat-like green eyes survey the man. Her bright red lips grew into a wide grin as she slowly stood up and straightened out her dress.

“I see you took your time getting here.” she said as she walked up to the man.

“I think you have a rip in your stockings there,  Ms. Monroe.” the man said, his eyes glued to her legs.

“I didn’t come here to flirt, Bill.” the girl snapped, her eyes cold. “Do I have the job or not?”

The man looked up. “Yes. But it won’t stay that way for long if that attitude keeps up.” he said as his voice got stern.  “You have an impressive record. Don’t mess this up for us, Marci.”


A smile grew upon her lips once more. “By the time I’m done with that jury, they’ll convict a snail for man-slaughter.” she insured as she grabbed the papers from his hand and walked out the door.

Bill sighed after watching her leave. What was he to do? She was a good lawyer. In fact, she was probably the best he’s seen.

Mercedes walked out of the law firm and into the chill of the night. It was well passed dark. She shivered as she dug through her purse to find her car keys.  She walked confidently, despite the night’s cold crisp air and unusual darkness. She didn’t even notice the dark figure following her every move.


She stopped in front of her overly-expensive car, still rummaging through her bag. The large figure loomed behind her. “Ugh! Where are these damn k-” Her thoughts were interrupted by a chemical-smelling cloth coming over her nose and mouth. Her eyes widened and she tried to scream, but she was out before she could make a sound.

Mercedes awoke in a dark room that smelled of mold and beer. She must have been on a cheap couch, because she could feel the scratchy fabric under her arms. She slowly pried her eyes open, it felt like she was waking up from a 12 year nap. She tried to rub her eyes, but something was restraining her arms. Handcuffs? Was she handcuffed on a cheap scratchy couch?!


“If you’re going to restrain me, could you at least have a little taste in doing so?” Marci asked calmly, still a little drowsy.

“She’s awake!” Mercedes heard a girls voice say. She then heard footsteps rushing over to her side.

“Mercedes Monroe? You’re the prosecutor from the news, right? They say your win-loss record is off the charts!” A boy’s voice said. Mercedes was still groggy, she couldn’t see anything but blur. She just managed to make out the outlines of three people.

“Look, is this about money? Because it would have been much easier to just take my car…”

“No! Ms. Monroe, we don’t want to hurt you-” said the girl’s voice.

“Hah! Oh, right, I nearly forgot. Kidnapping somebody and handcuffing them to your couch just screams ‘friendly!”

There was a small pause. “We’re sorry about that. But you have to listen to us..” the boys voice seemed sincere. The third person in the room stayed quiet. Mercedes blinked a few times. The figures in the room slowly started to become clear. She was shocked at what she saw. And that rarely happens to Mercedes.

“You’re….you’re just kids..” Her three captors looked up at her. They couldn’t have been out of their teen years.


“Yeah. This is Zach. He’s 19. He’s like family to us.” the boy that had been talking pointed to another man in the room. He was very large, built like a football player. His head was shaved and he had a bit of scruff on his face. He had kind brown eyes. “…He’s the one that kidnapped you.”

“Nice to meet you, ma’am.” His voice was deep and a bit rough. He only lifted his head for a second before staring at his feet again.

“And this is my little sister, Sami. She’s 14.” The girl forced a smile and did a little wave. She had layered light brown hair and dark brown eyes. She was very small, in both weight and height.

“I’m Jordon. Jordon Keene. 17 years old.” the boy who had been talking had short brown hair and bright blue eyes. He was tall, but rather skinny. Mercedes didn’t say anything. She was taking everything in. What could these kids want with her?

“Now that we’ve all been introduced, we need to talk. We need your help.” Mercedes still didn’t say anything. She just looked at the boy. She may have been tied up on a cheap couch, but she was getting more and more curious about these three.

Jordon took a deep breath before going on. “I met these people one night while I was out partying. A group of guys. We talked for awhile and they seemed cool. They offered free alcohol if they were invited to my next party.” he paused for a second, looking ashamed. “It was a deal. I gave them my address and told them to swing by that Saturday.


When they came over they must have set up cameras in our house or something, because a week later my dad was accused of murder. They have a perfect case against him. His fingerprints and hair were at the crime scene. He has no alibi. They even have video of him going into the man’s apartment..”

Mercedes interrupted him there. “So your dad murdered the guy. I can’t help you there honey, I’m a prosecutor not a defender. I know you’d like to believe that it wasn’t you father, but face the facts. This happens all the time. I’ve seen a good father murder more than once. It’s not worth kidnapping for, and it’s certainly not worth my time.” The boys looked at each other before Jordon started talking again.

“He didn’t kill anyone. He was framed. You know that guy, Connor Thomas , that was convicted of murder awhile ago? Well on TV we saw him talking all kinds of crap about being framed by some guys. A group of guys that sounds just like the ones I met. He met them by the same place, too. He even said they offered him free beer if they could watch the game at his place.”


“So you want me to find these guys and prosecute them with no evidence? No Jury is going to believe that a group of young guys are capable of framing someone for murder. I’m not even buying it. I’m not sure anyone could pull that off so perfectly. I looked at the Connor Thomas case, there was no doubt he was the murderer.”

There was a long pause.

“I know. I know this hard to believe. But please…Mercedes, you have to trust us. You’re the only one that could pull something like this off. You have to at least try!”

Mercedes stared into Jordon’s pleading eyes for a long minute before replying. “Well, honey, you’re right about that! I love a good challenge. As long as it’s not on this horrid couch. I feel poorer just touching it.” She couldn’t deny these guys. Even if their dad was guilty, they were just kids. Desperate kids who just wanted somebody on their side.


Jordon’s face lit up. “Good! We snuck the video off of our dad’s lawyers desk. Take a look,” he said as he pulled out a small TV and put the disk in. The video clearly showed a man, who they pointed out as being their dad, walking into the apartment building. Mercedes was ready to roll her eyes and call their father guilty when something caught her eye.

“Wait…play that back. There!” She tried to point, but the handcuffs stopped her.

“Sorry…” Jordon said weakly, as he got the keys and began to un-cuff her.  Mercedes stood up and grabbed the remote as soon as she was free.

“There!” She pointed at the TV screen.  The three kids looked at each other.

“Um…What? I don’t see anything!” Sami cried.

“You should talk more, sweetie. You even sound cute when you whine.” replied Mercedes. “See that blur around your daddy there? It’s fuzzier than anything else in this picture.” There was silence around the room. Mercedes rolled her eyes.

“That could be a sign of tampering.”


They spent the rest of the night compiling evidence against the strange group of men. They actually had a pretty good case put together. Eye witnesses, video tampering, a detailed description of each of the men, along with a few more odds and ends. Mercedes didn’t expect any of this when she agreed. She was certain it was just a few crazy kids who wanted their father to be innocent. But now here she was, a career making or breaking case in her hands.

None of them got any sleep that night. But when the sun rose that morning, it was time for action. Mercedes went straight to the law firm early that morning, without even stopping to change clothes. She even took the public taxi without complaining. She stormed into her bosses office.


“Mr. Powel!”

Bill was surprised. “Yes, what is it Marci?”

“I won’t be able to do the Hazen case. I have a new case on my hands. A much more important one.”

“What are you talking about? There is no case bigger than the Moore case right now. Marci! You said you wouldn’t mess this up for us!” he paused. “..Why are you still in yesterday’s clothes? Why do you smell like beer?”

“I spent the night in a teenagers basement.”


Mercedes went on to tell Mr. Powel all about her little adventure. Leaving out the kidnapping part, of course. Her boss eventually agreed to let her do the case. He knew there was no arguing with Mercedes Monroe.

The case wasn’t an easy one. Nobody wants to believe that the justice system could have made a mistake. It was an uphill battle alright. Marci’s charm and good looks weren’t going to be enough for this one. She spent countless hours every night going over each smallest detail of the case. She would not lose. She couldn’t lose..

After what felt like an eternity, it was finally done. A court room full of people sat awaiting the jury’s decision. For the first time in her life, Mercedes was nervous. She sat shaking her leg uncontrollably and chewing her nails. Her heart was pounding. The room was deafeningly silent. Mercedes could feel the suspense in the air. At last, a juror stood up. “And our decision is… Guilty.”

The room exploded with screams and joy of the people. Marci saw Jordon laughing from across the room, throwing his hands up and cheering. Sami was crying into Zach’s arm. Time seemed to freeze in that moment. Marci’s heart lifted and a smile couldn’t be held back from her face. She had done it. She had finally done it.


No Update This Week :(

I’m super sorry everybody, but there won’t be a chapter this week. I’m having problems with my laptop. (Damn technology!) I need a new charger, and possibly a new battery as well. I’m sending it in today, and I’m told it will be around 2 weeks before I get it back. Yes, that means no Josh for 2 weeks. 😦 But I’ll start a mini challange and post updates on that until my computer gets fixed. Josh will miss you! But he’ll be back before you know it, so don’t worry! 🙂 Happy simming everyone, see you next week!

PS: I hate being late on updates! 😦 You wouldn’t believe the things I’ve done just to get the other chapters up on time! So this really sucks for me, too. I hate to let my readers down, but it’s out of my hands right now. Let’s just hope it’s fixed soon!

Mini Update – House Tour!

Hey everyone! Here’s a closer look at the house Josh lives in. It’s basically a decorated box. 🙂


Living Room:



Dining Room:




Workout Room:


Game Room:


Party Room: (Basically a stereo, giant dance floor, and some counter-tops for birthday cakes)


Guest sitting area/bar:


Josh’s Room, aka “The Love Pad”: (See that magic gnome in front of the couch? No idea how he got there, but I thought he fit in well.)



Playground: (Sorry it’s raining. It’s never not raining or snowing with seasons!)


Pool Area:


And of course, a giant garage with no stair access just for keeping cars. 😀


This is the over-all layout of the house. I’ll let you in on my battle strategy…

You know when you throw a party in the Sims, and everyone runs wild in your house and trashes the place? Not on my watch! I simply lock the two doors circled in yellow (for the household), so the guests are forced to enter through the door pointed to with the purple arrow. Then they’re stuck in my 2 designated party rooms (Outlined in purple). And outside of course. I think it’s being pretty generous, I could just lock them out all together. :p And yes, all those blank white spaces are bedrooms. One of them will be for a butler, the rest are saved for possible children. But if Josh doesn’t have that many children, the rooms can easily be converted into indoor hot tub rooms. 😉


1.03 – Party Time! …Or Not?

It was pretty late in the afternoon by the time I got to my old/new house. I only had time to hire a maid (to clean up the mess my dad had left) and unpack my things before it was time for bed. Not much got done that first day.  But luckily, today is an all new day! And what is the first thing you do when you move into a new house? Why, go out of course! For the last two years, I’ve been living under a rock…hardly living at all. It’s time to let loose and have a little fun. So, I hit the bars as soon as the clock ticked 11am! What? Don’t judge…

It was pretty empty when I got there, so I sat down and had a drink while I waited for someone to show up. And then I had another drink. And then another. And another…


Needless to say, I was pretty wasted by the time a pretty blonde walked into the bar. Well, at least I think she was pretty. From what I remember, she was smoking! But for some reason I don’t think I’m very reliable when I’m drunk. Regardless, I headed over and started throwing out my best pick-up lines.


“Do you have a library card? ‘Cause I’m checking you out!”

“Apart from being sexy, what do you do for a living? Just Kidding, I don’t really care.”

“Are you a parking ticket? Because you’ve got fiiine written all over you”

“I don’t know you, and you don’t know me…but let’s sleep together.”

You can say whatever you want about my pick-up lines, but she was all over me.

And before I knew what was happening….



Wowza. That girl likes to have some fun.


When we were done with that, she handed me her number and told me to call if I ever wanted to do this again. Unfortunately, that slip of paper got lost sometime during my drunken haze… Oops. Even though I only remember about half of it, that day turned out to be an amazing day. It really did feel good to finally get on with my life and have a little fun. It felt like I was alive again. I hadn’t like that way in a very long time.

1.02 – I See The Light… Or Are Those Flames?

***Authors Note*** There are 2 polls on the next page. Please answer them! Even if this update is a year old, I can always use your feedback. Chapter 3 will be on the page after that. Thanks!

3 years had passed since Michael s death. His loss had left a permanent hole in my heart that nothing could ever fill…but I managed to get passed his death, with the help of Rebecca. I couldn’t have done it without her. I had hit rock bottom, and like the angel she is, she had reached down and pulled me out of the deep hole I was stuck in. I owed everything to her. There’s no way I could have made it without her. She was so wonderful. I still remember the first day she came to visit me…

I was in the infirmary. I had to stay there for a few days, so they could monitor my behavior. They thought I might try to commit suicide, or maybe I’d just lose it all together and go crazy. I probably would have, too, if it weren’t for her…


                 I was standing in my room, staring blankly out the window. Just like I had been doing for the past 3 hours. Everything felt so empty, it’s like nothing mattered anymore… Until the door to my room suddenly cracked open. I didn’t notice at first, I was too lost to notice much of anything. But then I heard her sweet, angel-like voice…

“Josh?” Surprised, I quickly turned my head around. What I saw could only be described as the light at the end of the tunnel. It was Rebecca, standing there sheepishly with flowers and a teddy bear in her arms. She smiled, and the room seemed to light up.

“Hey you! I know flowers and stuffed animals are a bit girly, but-” I interrupted her.

“No…Thank you.” I said, both confused and awe-struck.

She walked over to the bed, putting the flowers on a table and handing me the teddy bear before sitting next to me.

“If you don’t mind me asking…how did it happen? How did he die, I mean?” She looked at me with big eyes, full of curiosity and sorrow.

I paused, staring down at the brown bear in my hands.

“I’m sorry…It’s too soon..It was wrong of me to ask.”

“He, uh… drowned. He was only 5, and I guess he managed to get out the door, unsupervised somehow…” I trailed off, my gaze still locked on the stuffed bear.

She didn’t say anything, but after a few seconds she put her arms around my shoulders and gave me a small hug. I was shocked, I didn’t know what to do…

but her warmth felt so good. She made me feel something again.

She came to visit me every day, and each day she brought a new gift. Eventually, my once bleak infirmary room started to light up with the items she had bought me. She would stay with me for hours. Sometimes we’d talk, other times she would just keep me company. Pretty soon, I even started smiling again. She was so amazing. I couldn’t believe a girl like her would even give a guy like me the time of day.




I’ve been with her for 3 years now. Possibly the 3 best years of my life. I never imagined that I would find a girl quite like her…I was in love. Head over heels in love. She was smart, pretty, sweet, and most importantly, she was mine. She was better than the girl of my dreams. I wanted to start a life with her. I wanted to start my life with her.